Inspiring Youth Young Men & Women

It is without a doubt that the young people of any generation are the future and thus investing in the youth is paramount. This is the group of people that my work targets and seeks to have a positive impact on.

Young people are the ones who will drive change

Communities will keep the development ride going

Community development

Communities are the heart and soul of any country’s and continent's development thus my passion and plan to engage at community level is a step towards contributing to the broader scheme of advancing sustainable and genuine development.

Education and access to information open the mind, broadens thinking and presents itself as a key to open doors. I have personally experienced the difference that education and relevant knowledge can make in an individual’s life, family, and community. Not enough people have access to knowledge and information.

Education and information are the fuel that gets the car started.

Knowing and appreciating ourselves and others in their differences makes the ride enjoyable!

Embracing the African identity

Historically the African continent and people thereof have been demonised and marginalised all around the world. I want to spread a message of hope, truth, and encouragement about what it means to be an African and contribute towards building an African identity future generations will be proud to associate with.